About responsive checker

Responsive web design checker allows you to test your web page for displaying on various devices. You'll find out if it is correctly displayed on smartphones, tablets and other devices. During testing you can verify correct displaying of your web page also for landscape or portrait orientation of device.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design allows optimal displaying of web pages on devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. From smartphones with small displays, through tablets, laptops, up to computer and television displays with high resolution. Content of web pages will be automatically adjusted to every device without necessity of multiple separate versions of web page.

Why optimization of web page for mobile devices is important?

Nowadays people can access the web from various devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. Content of web page must be adapted to all kinds of displays. Otherwise content of web page would be unreadable or some parts of web page would be dysfunctional or design broken. From that reason is necessary to adapt design and content of web page to screen of specific device. In case that web page on visitors device is displaying incorrectly and its contents is unreadable or incomprehensible because of broken design, the visitor quickly leaves the web page whereas will not get to requested information.

How optimization of web page for mobile devices works?

Web page optimized for displaying on mobile devices can identify some properties of user device. For example by string of user agent of web browser or by JavaScript and by using of defined CSS media queries can change size or other properties of specific elements such as fonts, pictures, menus, tables, controls etc.. Web page is displayed to the visitor differently by screen size of used device.

Advantages of optimization of web page for mobile devices

  • Cleaner and more redable displayed content of web page
  • Higher loading speed and displaying of web page
  • Higher traffic from mobile devices and less bounce rate
  • Faster development and update of web page for less price
  • Better search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Easier analytics reporting
  • Less frequent need of maintenance and redesign of the website